Serving Clients
With Integrity, Honesty
And Dedication.

As a member of the Marine Corps infantry who served several combat tours in Iraq, I understand what it means to fight for what matters most to you. For many people, it’s their family.

Confident Guidance
Through The Divorce Process

When a marriage begins to dissolve, you may feel unsure of what to do. When is the right time to file for divorce? How do you file? How do you tackle the mountains of paperwork and decisions you’ll be confronted with? I have the answers you need.

I understand that the divorce process can be difficult and emotional, and you may struggle to picture what the next chapter of your life should look like. Through patience, empathy and knowledgeable guidance, I can help you file the appropriate paperwork and make decisions regarding your children, asset division, spousal support and more. Don’t be afraid of what the next step looks like; I can help you take it with confidence.

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Family Law
Family Law
Custody Disputes
Custody Disputes

Putting The Child’s Needs
At The Center Of Custody Disputes

Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, children often get stuck in the middle of disputes. Sometimes, custody is used as a bargaining chip by one parent to take advantage of their former spouse. Other times, one parent may make false claims of abuse to gain an advantage over the other parent. Within these disagreements, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually best for the child.

I’m here to help. At my firm, Stephen Fozard, I always put the child’s needs first when it comes to determining their custody or visitation situation. I will do everything in my power to fight false claims and help ensure your child lives in an environment in which they can thrive.

Background Translates
To Client-Oriented Service

Before attending law school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served on active duty for four years. There, I learned the true meaning of devotion, diligence and service to my clients. I also developed a tireless work ethic, which translates to my work as an attorney today. I work hard to be open and communicative with all of my clients, so they feel heard and respected throughout the legal process.

Because of my military background, I’m also proud to serve military families throughout their legal issues. If you are in the military, or your spouse is in the military, and you’re seeking a divorce, contact my firm for guidance that is based on first-hand knowledge of your situation.