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Protecting And Advocating For You And Your Kids

Child custody decisions should revolve around the best interests of the children. However, parents do not always agree on what is in their children’s best interests. When such a dispute arises, having legal counsel on your side is critical to advocating for your beliefs and protecting your rights as a parent.

This is where I come in. My name is Stephen J. Fozard. As a family law attorney, I have dedicated my career to helping mothers, fathers, grandparents and other guardians in heated custody disputes. At my Appleton-based law firm, Fozard Law Office LLC, I offer compassionate service as I represent you in all aspects of your child custody matter or any other family-related legal matter.

What Happens In A Disputed Custody Case?

As often as possible, I try to facilitate communications between parents so you can reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement in negotiations or mediation. However, finding such an arrangement is not always possible without heading to court. In these situations:

  • The judge will appoint the children an attorney to advocate on their behalf, without the input of the parents.
  • Then, a psychologist or another clinician will evaluate the child and assess the situation.
  • Finally, the judge will hear the case. Each side presents their evidence and the judge will issue a final parenting plan.

Be aware, though, that by proceeding to trial, both parents lose control over the outcome. This is why I do everything possible to help spouses reach a decision privately. If we do go to court, I will create a strong case and advocate for you fiercely.

Get A Reliable Advocate Today

I understand how mentally and emotionally draining a custody dispute can feel. You can rely on me for not only legal counsel but also a compassionate listening ear. You can reach out to me today to schedule an initial consultation about your custody situation. To reach me, call 920-880-1180 or send me an email.