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Service That Removes The Stress From Your Family Issue

Last updated on March 22, 2021

An incredible amount of stress can come with a family law problem. You may feel overwhelmed, burdened and uncertain of the future. My name is Stephen J. Fozard, and I can help you work through these fears and work toward a positive resolution.

My law firm, Fozard Law Office LLC, represents clients throughout Eastern Wisconsin. I practice a full range of family law matters, including:

From tackling the paperwork to guiding you through the legal process, you will find a loyal ally in me. Together, you and I can approach the next step of your life with confidence

Help For Military Families From Someone Who Understands

Few people can understand what it is like to cope with a family problem while you or your loved one is in the U.S. military. Having spent four years in the marine corps, including several combat tours, I know firsthand what you are going through. I will serve you with as much dedication and pride as I served our country.

As a lawyer, I combine compassionate treatment toward my clients with assertive fighting in the courtroom. In a time when you need someone with empathy to listen to you, I am there to provide that support. Then, I will advocate for you tenaciously in negotiations, mediation or litigation.

Reach Out To Discuss Family Legal Services

Family is one of the most important parts of your life. Work with me at Fozard Law Office LLC to fight for it. To speak with me about representation, contact my office in   to schedule an initial consultation. You can call 920-880-1180 or use my online contact form to reach me.